Who we are

Media Gate is an integrated advertising agency and graphic design center, it has been founded in 2008 through offices in Qatar, China, and recently in Turkey, in order to cover all aspects of graphic business including manufacturing, production and development, Al Doha office is the headquarter of administration and development.

Our Vision

We always look forward to the evolution and advancement of media and advertising business in Qatar, because we believe that we must be committed ,as individuals and companies, to be part of “Qatar Vision 2030”, and on the other hand to maintain an ancient traditions that was always the source of our pride and inspiration.

Where we are

Beside our head quarter in Qatar, Media Gate locates in China and Turkey through our offices in order to offer support and development to graphic design and advertising business.

Yiwu City

Because China is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of production and export, we decided to establish our branch there since 2004, since then, we offered many printing services and advertising gifts through creative ideas and special designs for our clients wherever they are. With the highest standards of quality monitoring, with our qualified and well trained team that is familiar with the Chinese market; we could achieve any idea or product that the client may wish with the best prices and lowest coasts.


Our presence in Turkey was a result of a deep and objective study, because we understand that Turkey is gateway of the middle east to Europe and one of the fastest growing countries with its distinctive GDP growth rates during the last decade, and that is what made us decide to exist in one of the most ancient capitals in the world, that’s in addition to the support to our offices in Qatar and China.


Our Happy Clients