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Media Gate can help you in making all graphic works related to you or your business like BrandingPrinting and Give-aways that make people interested in your business and remember it very will !

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Check our Portfolio!

Ultimately a good logo is something that people recognize instantly and relate to. Matt Mickiewicz

Building Brand Identity

The identity of your trade mark is the most important and critical visual interface connected to your company, it forms the common and detailed standards to the way your products and business would be presented to the world in a planned professional way.

We can offer you the right solutions regarding color schemes, fonts, photographs and the right way to use your trade mark ID through a professionally and distinctively designed logo.

We will build up your trade mark visual ID in a way that deeply affects the development of company identification and achieve distinctive communication even amid competitor markets.

As soon as we finish building the visual ID of your company, we will precisely set the company design style that shows the why how the ID would be applied.

Building trade marks in general includes the following:

  • The design of the logo and visual ID.
  • Creating color scheme and ornaments.
  • Choosing Arabic and Latin fonts.
  • Photographing and choosing photographs.
  • Designing paper works and commercial print outs.

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Printing solutions

We offer a wide range of printing products and services, our services includes the following:

  • Commercial paper print outs.
  • Brochures, booklets and annual reports.
  • Packaging boxes.
  • Photographing and choosing photographs.
  • Paper Bags.

We offer you any sort of printing service depending on our high experience in this vast field, we cover various innovative uses and applications of gifts and printed items, and these are among the most effective services that helps companies to directly affect their clients and to do professional marketing of their products.

Make your Brand memorable all the time!


We offer many innovative and distinct options of advertising gifts and items for companies, traditional and national events in creative and up to date concepts, such as:

  • Advertising gifts.
  • Wood and leather boxes.
  • Agendas and annual timetables.
  • Leather gift products.
  • Traditional and national events gifts.
Check our Portfolio!