Agendas and Annual Timetables

Best Quality and Materials

Agendas & Annual Timetables

we offer our clients annual agendas and timetables… etc. (in English) made of thick tough cardboard either printer or leather covered, with wide variety of designs such as inserting several types of leather, the way to show the logo (print, burn, laser cut metal), those integrate with the inside paper and advertising sections separators according to client’s requirements.

Also we offer calendars with daily, weekly or monthly pages to be as a reminder of works achieved all the year round, or as a gift to be distributed in the beginning of a new year containing art photographs or special pictures according to speciality and purpose.

Leather gift products


We offer you many choices of leather products and gifts, such as purses, folders, food menus, pens, and bags, with the highest quality and for different occasions using the most luxurious kinds of both natural and artificial leathers.